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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Biology For Fantasy Settings Book

Biology is the study of living things. There's life all around us in its strange and complicated forms. When creating your own worlds, getting the biology just right can be tricky. In Biology for Fantasy Settings from Skirmisher Publishing, they give you guides on how to make plants and animals that are your own creation, but also fit in with biologic principles. You can get your copy now.

From the website:

When designing a fantasy setting, the biology of our home world can provide a wonderfully rich resource for generating a new world and the creatures inhabiting it. But a world creator should not forget the fantasy aspect, or feel restricted to using Earth’s biosphere as an unyielding template, and otherwise excellent resources often suffer from just this flaw and apply real-world ecology to fantasy settings without providing any other options. 

This universal sourcebook considers concepts and alternatives to stimulate ideas and new possibilities that game designers can incorporate into their worlds. It can help storytellers both pick and choose from the amazing diversity of real life, as well as create new laws of biology to make their settings as useful and interesting as possible. 

The first two sections outline the basic biological needs of all creatures and gives some pointers on how habitats can be designed and these are followed by explanations of real-world and fantastic biological concepts.