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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Artifacts of the Wastelands

In the bombed-out ruins, our heroes come across all manner of forgotten and lost technology and other trinkets from the past. But what, exactly, are they? That's what the Artifacts of the Wastelands guide is here to help with. It's a new guide from Skirmisher Publishing, and it's available now.

From the website:

One way to make a modern, sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic game your own is with artifacts. A game master could expand the types of items a party might find, imagining what technology would be available generations in the future, where even potentially mundane objects might enter the realms of the fantastic. 

This publication delves into four very different kinds of technology. Cloaks include several forms of high-technology outerwear, including capes and ponchos. Virtual Matter Projectors explore the possibility that the ancients could make items that existed only while the devices used to create their component particles was on. Anti-Technology Weapons were designed to cope with the need to prevent machines from running amok. Formulae, chemistry’s third iteration, use the detritus of a dead world and the pollution of superscience found in soil, water, and flesh to constitute something bordering on magic. 

Contents of this publication are stat’ed for a “Basic” version of the OGL/d20 system and is compatible with any games that use it, especially ones like the Mutant Future retroclone of Gamma World, and easily adaptable for many others.