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Skirmisher Publishing Releases A Rainbow of Slimes RPG Supplement

In a lot of videogame RPGs, you'll find all manner and color of slimes. But, in our tabletop RPGs, they tend to just be green (or maybe black). Well, Skirmisher Publishing is looking to get those multiple slimes onto your tabletop. They've released their A Rainbow of Slimes RPG supplement.

From the website:

Although green is the most common slime color, there are many others, the products of alchemy, magic, demonic corruption, trickster gods, and a variety of bizarre causes!

This mini-supplement describes 20 variations on the classic dungeon hazard, each of which has a different effect on living flesh, some of them using this transformation to power magical or non-magical abilities.

“A Rainbow of Slimes” also includes 10 different colors of counters, each in two sizes, that can be used to represent various types and sizes of slimes, molds, oozes, puddings, jellies, blobs, fungi, and other amorphous abominations.