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Six Spells: Mythos Now Available from Skirmisher Publishing

"More options!" Every gamer and DM wants that for their game. And Skirmisher Publishing is here to help. If you're looking to bring a touch more Lovecraftian horror to your sessions, you can go over and pick up the next in their Six Spells line. This one's all about spells associated with Mythos. Sanity not guaranteed.

From the website:

“Mythos” is a word that evokes a certain ilk of horror that emphasize humanity’s utter isolation and inconsequence in a monstrous, unforgiving universe, in which things do go bump in the night and humans are the food or playthings of terrible entities.

Most of those initial stories came directly from author H.P. Lovecraft, but other writers of his era used the Mythos with his permission and put their own stamp on this subgenre of early 20th century horror. Accordingly, the spells that appear here were inspired not just by the tales Lovecraft, but also by the work of Clark Ashton Smith. They touch on the wrongness of reality, on the ability of cultists to bend and warp it, and on humanity’s blindness to these things.

This mini-publication contains six Mythos spells — Awaken Idol, Create Unholy Food and Water, Darklight Prism, Pass Flame, Reverse Staircase, and Summon Demonic Mason — compatible with any games using the OGL/d20 system.