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Silver Games Releases Ponyfinder: Untamed Lands RPG Supplement

The land to the east is the home of the beast folk. They started from nothing to create just a little plot of land that they could call their own to homestead. Now, your characters can go and see what they're up to in Untamed Lands, the new expansion book for Ponyfinder. It's got not just info about the people and the region, but new gear, new spells, new class options, and more. You can pick up your copy now.

From the website:

In the east, lurks those who had no place to call their own. They carved out a land and defended it against all comers. Welcome to the Untamed Lands, home of the beast folk of all shapes and sizes. From nomadic tribes to great citadels of iron, these besieged people are willing to defend what is theirs. Are you visiting, or are you one of them yourself, seeking adventure within their sparse nation or beyond. Humans to the south, Orcs to the west, and far more exotic creatures the further you go in any direction, Everglow never lacks for interesting places to be and perhaps die in.

This books includes:

  • Beast Folk, a richly evolved ancestry with dozens of options for Pathfinder 2.
  • More specific beast folk for Pathfinder, Pathfinder 2, and 5th edition, using the rules first established in Hybrid Blood.
  • Beast tribes to belong to with unique treats, feats, and magic.
  • Towns and locations within the Untamed Lands to visit.
  • New items and artifacts to use in your game
  • New beasts to challenge your players.
  • New spells, magic, and feats for not just beast folk but anyone else, though the beast folk are the most likely to express these specific talents.
  • New class options and archetypes.
  • And so much more!