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Silver Games Releases Ponyfinder - The Care and Handling of Rifts

Silver Games has released a new supplement for their Ponyfinder RPG. In this instance, it's all about going from plane to plane with The Care and Handling of Rifts. The various elemental planes aren't getting along, and it's up to you to sort the issues out before the very elements revolt.

From the website:

Everglow got its name in part for the violent clashes of the elemental planes. These overlapping regions spell out into the prime material plane, corrupting and intruding without warning. It takes brave or foolish people to sort them out. Step inside and learn more about them, and how to deal with them.

New feats, traits, class options, and a way to introduce rifts to your games in many flavorful ways with mechanical support.


Compatible with Ponyfinder and 5th edition, and Pathfinder roleplaying games.