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Signups for My Warhammer Accounts Happening Now

Games Workshop is looking to integrate all of your Warhammer experiences together with the upcoming My Warhammer system. It'll be a way to combine your accounts on Games Workshop's website, as well as Forge World, and also the Warhammer Community and the upcoming Warhammer App that's being launched soon. Sign-ups for the service are being taken now.

From the article:

If you like Warhammer, there’s one thing you need to do today – sign up for a My Warhammer account

Why? We’re glad you asked!

My Warhammer is going to be your one Warhammer login to rule them all (,,, and the start of a much richer experience here on!

Your My Warhammer* account will soon serve as your very own dashboard for your Warhammer Community experience…. Want to save your favourite articles to read again later? Want to make army lists and share them with your friends? Want to earn achievements? Get your own username and avatar? Yeah, we like the sound of that too – so we’re gonna make it happen. Register your My Warhammer account right now, so you’re ready when the features drop.