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Sign-ups for Closed Beta of Aether Void RPG Happening Now

Want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting, new RPG? Want to be able to give your feedback and make it the best game it can possibly be? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you'll want to go sign up for the Closed Beta that's currently running for Aether Void.

From the announcement:

As a corrupt technologically advanced society tries to abduct samples from a neighbouring Steampunk and Fantasy World, they are thwarted by undercover agents in their midst. In the ensuing struggle they crashland on Far Haven where Orcs witness their prophesied ancients falling from the skies.

Æther Void is a cross genre tabletop Roleplaying game, with a wink to retro RPGs like the much renowned Dungeons and Dragons. It features the custom designed Æquilibirum™ Game system that is based on science, as much as possible, featuring known effects from both the physical and the psychological sciences.

The lore of Æther Void is a unique setting where the Fantasy world of Far Haven, the Steampunk world Victoria, and the SciFi / Cyberpunk world Sleeping Dragon are present in the same physical universe, allowing players to play characters on one world, that may eventually discover how to travel to the other worlds.

Each world is based on several existing Earth cultures. Sleeping Dragon has a, mostly Chinese, cultural background, where Victoria features the culture and zeitgeist of Industrial Revolution Renaissance Europe. Far Haven features Viking culture, ancient Slavic cultures, some obscure Chinese myths, tribal culture, and Shinto-buddhist influences.

Æther Void currently has a closed Beta Program up and running to test the very first early prototype of the game, for which interested RPG players can sign up on the website Æther Void is scheduled to go live on Kickstarter late summer or early fall 2019, after which a widespread open Beta test will follow, leading up to the actual release of the game (hopefully in time for Christmas).

Æther Void is being developed by MBIT Entertainment B.V., a Dutch Indie Tabletop Developer, based in Groningen, Startup-heaven and jewel of the North of the Netherlands. MBIT was founded by Mendel Bouman, and Ite Teune. Mendel is an indie Game Developer, Publisher, and founder of Indietopia. He worked on indie games such as Convoy, helps regional Indies to make it, and has been an avid Tabletop RPG player since the age of 8 (back in 1987). Ite is an educator with a passion for anything scientific (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc), teaching high school kids values and knowledge on a daily basis, and is using his passion as a veteran RPG player to educate the world.