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Show of Force Card Game Up On Kickstarter

War were declaired. The enemy is out there and they're looking to take you out. Your mission is to take them out (no, not for dinner) before they get a chance to take you out. That's what's going on in Show of Force, a new single-deck strategy card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Show of Force is a 2-6 player competitive card game for players of all experience levels. It mixes the fun-for-everyone aspect of a party game with the strategic gameplay of a trading card game. You are at war! As commander, your goal is to destroy your enemies. There are 5 card types in your arsenal to help you achieve victory. Show of Force plays quickly by only letting players draw 1 card & play 1 card per turn. Show of Force can be played Free-for-All or as Teams, allowing for plenty of variety from a single deck of cards.  

There are 5 Card Types and 58 unique cards, making for unique experiences every time you play. Card types are marked and color-coded for easy recognition.

  •  Attack Cards (red)- Used to do Damage.
  •  Benefit Cards (green)- Used to gain or steal HP.
  •  Utility Cards (purple)- Cards with unique actions to gain an advantage over opponents.
  •  Instant Cards (blue)- Can be played anytime and used offensively, defensively, or for  combos with other card types. 
  •  Event Cards (orange)- Event Cards are scattered randomly throughout the Main Deck to simulate the constant change of battle. They can cause shifts in gameplay for better or worse. 

The campaign is over its funding goal with only 4 days left on the clock.