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Shotgun Angel Games Releases GoblinPunk Module for Fantasy RPGs

We've got another Kickstarter success story here. A game went up on the platform, was funded, was made, was sent to backers, and is now coming to you and me. It's GoblinPunk from Shotgun Angel Games. For when you want to add a bit of craziness into your regular fantasy games. The module is compatible with both Pathfinder and 5th Edition.

From the website:

As Shotgun Angel Games releases their first adventure module, GoblinPunk, the staff are excited to see how players use it. “We’ve loved RPG’s growing up, so getting to craft this kind of story has been a lot of fun,” James Wylder, a Shotgun Angel Games co-owner said. In the adventure Goblins have gotten a hold of steam-powered weapons, and now only a group of heroes can stop them. Mashing up traditional fantasy elements with imagery and ideas from the popular Steampunk movement, GoblinPunk is a unique new take on traditional fantasy.

Players will encounter a wide variety of enemies, as well as their steam-powered equipment which they can acquire for their own use. Airships, mechanical monstrosities, and steam-powered ballistas are just a few of the wonders players will find in GoblinPunk’s pages.

Featuring full color art by Corey Roth, fiction by author James Wylder (10,000 Dawns), and a full adventure by Damon Null, GoblinPunk was previewed in a Gen Con play session, and made using funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign.