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Shotglass Adventures 3 Up On Kickstarter

Having pre-made adventures can be a lifesaver for a GM with a game session coming up and no time to prep for it. But what if you've already burned through the adventures you have on-hand? Thankfully, Laidback DM is here to turn you into a laidback DM yourself with Shotglass Adventures III. It's a set of 10 adventures for 5th edition that you can just plug into your games at your leisure. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES 3: Black Meridian Heart is the sequel to the successful Shotglass Adventures Volume 2 Kickstarter!

Published under the OGL and compatible with 5e and other OSR fantasy role playing games, SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES 3: Black Meridian Heart is over 100 pages long. Inside you’ll find:

· 10 one-shot adventures of all varieties – investigation, dungeon crawl, planar, puzzle, quest - complete with DM and player maps! The adventures are for PCs of 11th-15th level, designed for minimal preparation and flexible delivery. Each adventure can be run as a ‘fill-in’ for 2-3 gaming sessions (7-10 hours per session) or played as a mini-campaign. Almost 100 hours of gaming content!

· Hand-drawn, full-color maps! Old school style with new school flair!

·  26 New Monsters + 20 Monsters from Kobold’s Tome of Beasts/Creature Codex! 5e stats included! New monsters include life-drinking Covenantals, manastatically-mutated Meridian Wyrms, mania-inducing Shrooms  and the planet-sized Great Old One Asgarte!

·  12 New Magic Items! New items include the magical battery Plume Stone, spirit controlling Ghost Collar, psionic Gerth’r Mentor Helm and legendary ForNev’r Shards!

· All new city setting of Meridian’s End, complete with important NPCs, factions, backgrounds, rumors, adventure seeds and city map! A frontier town, bordering the wasteland of the Black Meridian, Meridian's End stands frozen in time, a legacy to Invicia's defeat of the old Kereshi Empire. There are dark secrets here, whispered behind closed doors in trembling voices as the Baron's undead guardians glide overhead, always watching. Corruption and fear pervade this new magical frontier…

· New rules and tables for magic, travel and weather, background lore, random encounters and adventures seeds for the magical wasteland known as the Black Meridian! A vast desert created by a magical disaster centuries ago, the Black Meridian is the only source of the valuable but cursed mystical Plume Stones. There are ruins and treasures untold in that desert, trapped behind a magical barrier that only the most courageous - or most foolish - enter. Are you brave enough to face the rampant manastatic storms, bizarre temporal and spacial effects and manastatically mutated monsters of the ForNev'r wastes?  

· Random Ruin Generation tables! Roll up a ruin - its size, type, features, inhabitants, manastatic effects and adventure seeds! Perfect for creating a ruin on the fly for sandbox play or planning a ruin in advance.

· Completely revised Verona Province – updated two-page map and extended lore for the Verona Province setting, the region featured in SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES I and SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES II!

· Loads of new and revised lore for the Invician Empire – everything you need for campaign play!

· Deck plan and stats for the Gerth’r Planar Assault Ship! Compatible with the ship rules in the official GoS adventure!

· Full guide for OSR conversions!

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.