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Shinobi7 To Create Conan Tabletop Games

Shinobi7 will be bringing the action and excitement of Robert E. Howard's Hyborea to your tabletops with new games. They have acquired the license to create Conan games. Their first venture will be a tabletop miniatures game. That one's coming to Kickstarter soon. The other will be a card game. That one's going to be direct to retail.

From the announcement:

Shinobi 7, LLC. is delighted to announce the license acquisition of Robert E. Howard’s “CONAN” for tabletop games. The first game will be a big box miniature game that will launch on Kickstarter and will be available in retail; the second game will be a direct-to-retail card game.

The miniature game, slated to launch on Kickstarter in the first half of 2019, will feature highly-detailed sculpts of not only Conan, but other well-known characters from his world as well. A retail version of the game is scheduled for an early 2020 release.

The card game will be available in retail channels in 2019, and will allow players to take control of their favorite Conan characters and confront other players in a quest for glory. Further details about components, pricing, and release date will be forthcoming.

​"As a lifetime fan of Conan, I am honored to take part in the ongoing legacy of Robert E. Howard’s phenomenal body of work,” says Jason DeAngelis, publisher of Shinobi 7. "Our team of game industry veterans is developing a line of games that’s sure to delight and surprise fans of Conan and
Robert E. Howard.”

"I am very pleased with Shinobi 7 and the CONAN Game Team that Jason has assembled,” says Frederik Malmberg, President and CEO of Cabinet Entertainment. "They are very knowledgeable and respectful of all the characters that Robert E. Howard has created, as well as having a deep commitment to make high quality games."