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Shasn Political Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Politics. If you're here in the US, that's what's dominating the news these days. For those that love the give and take, debates, and policy issues, you should check out SHASN, a new political strategy board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign trail:

Area control meets resource management meets social strategy in this high-octane simulation of real world politics. 

As a politician campaigning for the future, you will have to make hard choices every step of the way. Clinch policies. Get the voters chanting your name at the polls. Unhinge your enemies and let slip the dogs of war. 

Strategize. Scheme. Dominate. Prevail. (And don’t forget to watch your back.)

The campaign's closing in on 8x funded, but there's only 7 days left to go.