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Shadowrun Sixth World Summer Spectacular Sale Happening Now

Summer's in full swing here in the northern hemisphere. Time to... stay the hell inside out of the heat and get some gaming on. And Catalyst Game Labs is here to help by giving you a big sale on their Shadowrun Sixth World books over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

As gaming groups around the country (and around the world!) start coalescing once again, Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce one of our biggest promotions ever: the Sixth World Summer Spectacular!

Switch to the new and exciting Sixth World rules set from any previous edition, or use it as your first taste of Shadowrun action. If you're already playing Shadowrun, Sixth World, you can use this Spectacular to fill out your collection. The Sixth World Core Rulebook will be put on sale at $40 for the entire month of July, and the Summer Spectacular code (provided below) will give you an additional 25% off this and other great Sixth World products.