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Shades of Vengeance Running Era: The Consortium 5th Anniversary Kickstarter

*sniffle* They grow up so fast!

In this case, we're talking about Shades of Vengeance and their sci-fi RPG, Era: The Consortium. The game is celebrating it's 5th year and they're running a Kickstarter campaign for it that includes a new version of the game along with new miniatures for it.

From the campaign:

Era: The Consortium is an epic Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG with 500 years of playable history

Within this history, every sub-genre of Sci-Fi is available, meaning that you can play as colonists taming a new world, explorers encountering alien races, soldiers in a war against a hostile alien race, resistance members fighting against an oppressive government, and anything else you can think of!

The endless possibilities have opened up the Consortium to some amazing roleplaying experiences, from being a member of the Resistance, trying to restore it after the Orion Incident to time travel to change the history of the Consortium!

It's been five years since we first launched on Kickstarter. Since then, the universe has grown more than we ever imagined! With 13 expansions - each of which offers a new dimension for gameplay - three versions of the Rulebook, plus multiple sessions and campaigns released over that time, we have created a lot.

The Kickstarter is up and running now. It's set to go for another 20 days.