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Seven of Seven: Pantheon of the Chain Reforged RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Most fantasy games have an established pantheon of gods that rule over them. But what if you've grown tired of the same-old same-old gods? Well, that's where Deep Dungeon Games comes in with their Seven of Seven: Pantheon Reforged book. It's a new set of 56 gods that you can add to your games. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

We are reforging the pantheon of Seven of Seven that features a brand-new pantheon of gods for use in any fantasy role-playing game! Inside, you will find 56 reforged Gods & Goddesses that you can use however you need in your game.

You can make them new gods, ancient gods, or perhaps powerful individuals whose affiliation remains a mysterious secret in your realm. You may be wondering what reforging means? Well, we are adding everything we wanted the Seven of Seven book to be! This means a ton of new content like:

  • Beautiful & stunning color illustrations for each deity
  • Expanded details for each deity 
  • The nature of each deity in the form of personality, depiction, and interactions
  • Boon & Bane d4 tables for each deity
  • A look into the religion of each deity like sacrifices, offerings, and rituals
  • Divine organizations that worship or follow each deity
  • Holy lands and divine touched locations for each deity
  • Myths that surround each deity with mystery and intrigue 
  • Celebrations revolving around deities in the form of holidays, feasts, and festivals
  • Children, figureheads, and creatures that owe their existence to a deity 
  • Items blessed by each deity filled with lore and special mechanics

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 14 days to go.