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Set Rotation Coming Soon for Star Wars: Destiny

Many of you know well about Set Rotation in games. Old sets move out of the tourney scene, making room for new ones. Star Wars: Destiny is about to go through rotation, and it'll be a first for many gamers. Fantasy Flight takes a look at what is headed out, and what might be poised to take over in the upcoming meta.

From the post:

The Star Wars™: Destiny  Regional Championship season may have come to a close, but there has never been a better and more exciting time to play!

Not only is there currently a good measure of diversity among the game's competitive decks, but rotation is also nearly upon us—and promises to shake things up.

However, before I jump into the specifics of this upcoming rotation, it might be helpful to take a step back for any players that are newer to collectible games. For a lot of players, Star Wars: Destiny might be their first collectible game, and with rotation coming up, it’s important to take a look at what to expect and how to prepare for the next season of play.