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Sergeant Nerd Games Releases Banes Book

Many mythological creatures have equally as mythological weaknesses. Holy water for vampires. Fire to trolls. Mirrors to medusas. That kind of stuff. But what if you're a GM in a game and you want to switch that up a bit? Throw in a baddie that has a particular weakness that you want your players to have to figure out? That's where Banes comes in. It's a new book from Sergeant Nerd Games that gives rules for implementing weaknesses for monsters and tips on how to spread that info around in your games.

From the release:

Every player knows that cold iron hurts fairies and zombies are weak to headshots. Weaknesses and vulnerabilities are classic parts of RPGs. But if you just use the most well-known weaknesses, the thrill of discovery is gone. Weakness becomes a matter of "Do I have fire? I use fire."

Changing up weaknesses makes things less predictable, but it's not enough if the only way to figure them out is random chance. Tease your players' brains by giving them clues to find the weaknesses. Make it into a puzzle that they and their characters can solve.

From the Ennie-nominated author of Cake Walk, Banes is a system-agnostic book for adding weaknesses to monsters in an interesting way. Each of the main Banes has multiple "tells" for figuring out what's going to hurt the monster, descriptions of what that damage looks like, and a special effect for spicing up combat even more. Other sections include:

  • How a Bane should apply (both in terms of how, say, fire affects the creature and other sources of damage)
  • How to use more exotic or unique weaknesses, like the sword of the last king or unusual herbs from haunted graveyards
  • More exotic effects to change the course of battle, like loss of spellcasting

Turn your fights into a puzzle and give your players something to think about.