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September Releases Available to Pre-order From Happy Games Factory

The folks over at Happy Games Factory know you want your Eden releases as soon as they're available. Well, the September new figures are coming out in 5 days. If you want to be the first gamer on your block with them when they hit store shelves, you can put your name down on the pre-order list. Do it! Do it naow!

From the announcement:

Samael, the Seraphim of Pride comes with his slaves!
And he doesn't come alone since Gangs of Eden and Mutants of Eden, boxes allowing you to create your own fighters with their own profile, also arrive this month!
But what would be a outstanding release without a new hero for Drakerys? Estarion, the terrible minotaur invites himself to the battlefields, both within the armies of Irosia or under the banner of Mercenaries! No doubt, the minotaurs theme armies will bloom!

All these release are available o preorder today and will be released on September 17th!