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Seekers of Legend RPG Up On Kickstarter

Many RPGs you see these days are versions of other contemporary games. Or, they're looking to recreate games from 30 years ago. Seekers of Legend looks to split the middle and recreate the 3rd edition of D&D (arguably one of my favorites, mind you). But it's not just a copy of, but an advancement of. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Hello and welcome

To the Seekers of Legend Roleplaying game Kickstarter campaign. Seekers of Legend is my plan for a backward compatible successor to the third iteration of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG and its unofficial successor published by the purple golem.

Now as for why I’m trying to publish such a game? Simply put I’ve noticed over the last few years that many Roleplaying games have tried to downplay the fantastic elements of Fantasy games, whether that be by limiting how many magical items you can use, or tying the magic items to a single limited pool of points and I’m tired of that. As a near permanent Games Master, I’ve always wanted my players to enjoy themselves for them to feel like heroes. I think adventurers should be able to pull off amazing stunts reap the rewards for their adventures rather than having to resell almost everything because they’re out of slots or can’t risk the points.

However, don’t think just because I want you as players to have fun and feel like heroes that Seekers will be a cake walk. For every boost that I apply to the options available to Players, I’ll be applying two to the monsters. As an example we’ll take a look at Dragons, one of if not the most Iconic monsters of Fantasy yet in many tabletop games all they resist is non-magic weapons, for me you should need your own Black arrows to pierce the hide of a dragon, enchanted weapons forged of adamantine and before that you must muster your courage and overcome an ever-present aura of fear, rather than the activated version you’d find in other interpretations.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 37 days.