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Seeds of Wars Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

As player characters roam around the game universe, they'll naturally push the lands into a certain style of  governance and order. In Seeds of Wars, not only will your characters go on adventures, but each will have their own Realm that's under their control. Will you rule with benevolence or malevolence? Will you focus on order? Faith? Militism? That's all up to you. The fantasy RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Written by award-winning authors, this brand-new game will provide you with the following key elements:

  • A fantasy campaign setting describing the world of Ceres, its numerous kingdoms and their rulers.
  • Realm management rules explaining how to expand your realm, forge new alliances and manage mass army battles.
  • A web application that allows you to play online with players from all around the world and to keep track of all the actions and events of your campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign will focus on the fantasy setting and the realm management rules. You will be able to unlock the web application, the modern age and science-fiction settings with stretch goals. SOW is a 200-page digital or hardcover book that describes the campaign setting and the realm management rules.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 33 days.