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Seb Games Previews Battle Havoc Battle Box

Battle Havoc is a new fantasy miniatures game coming from Seb Games. The starter box is called the BattleBox and we get a look at the minis that will be coming in it with this preview.

From the website:

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably are aware of the upcoming pre-order for the BattleBox.

If you on the other hand new to Battle Havoc! we have some great news. BattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! – Fantasy Battles.

Battle Havoc! is easy to learn and play fantasy wargame where each player commands an army and lead it to victory on the battlefields. Thanks to alternative activation, all players are involved continuously in action.

Each unit represents a body of troops up to a few hundred men. Thanks to flexible basing system players can easily use their exiting collection of miniatures or following our basing convention.