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Seajay Games Relaunches Galactic Era Kickstarter

Inside a distant galaxy, several races have become space-faring at roughly the same time. As such, the race is on to colonize and establish trade in this ripe, new space. That's where you find yourself in Galactic Era, a new board game from Seajay Games that's been relaunched over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Galactic Era is an innovative space empire builder boardgame for 1-6 players. You control a fledgling space-faring civilization venturing out into the galaxy. You will explore and colonize distant planets, advance your technologies, trade with allies and battle your enemies.

You will also need to select an alignment for your faction (star people), either "light" or "dark". This will determine appropriately how you interact with other players and the game.

Further original game elements are the deterministic combat system and the trading of technologies.

Galactic Era could become the next king of epic space strategy games! You decide!

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 26 days left to go.