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Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest RPG Back Up On Kickstarter

A Scout is always prepared. That's true in this world as it is in the Wyrdwood. There, there's a lot more talking trees and magical animals to befriend. But the quest is still to get those merrit badges. And that's what you'll be doing in Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest. The Kickstarter campaign for this new RPG is back up and running now.

About the game:

Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest is a storytelling adventure game about modern kids exploring an enchanted wood, helping the Fae folk they find there, and earning lots of badges.

Players assume the role of Scouts, whose families have been blessed by the magical inhabitants of the Wyrdwood. They might be connected to the graceful Aelfar, the dirt-dwelling Gruvkin, the ancient Giants, the tiny Pixies, the nimble Fauns, the mysterious Dryads, the watery Naiads, or the playful Puka. This ancestry gives them cool special abilities to use inside the forest, and they can gain more abilities as they master their badges.
One person (usually an adult) will take on the role of Story Guide and serve as the narrator/facilitator for the Scout's adventures. They are responsible for weaving the story, teaching the rules, and keeping the game flowing. 
When playing with kids, other adults will assume the role of a Troop Mascot, a magical animal that can guide and help the Scouts, but won't solve problems directly for them.
Scouts are forbidden from shedding blood in the Wyrdwood, so they must find other solutions to the challenges that arise there. While Scouts can be harmed, they are not at risk of being killed in their story. Setbacks will happen, as all great tales need some tension, but nobody has to worry about the loss of their beloved character.
We have created our own, original dice system for use in Scouts of the Wyrdwood Forest and our future RPG releases. It is narrative-focused and uses ten-sided dice for all action resolutions. Only the players will ever need to roll the dice, as they are the ones central to the story.
A dice pool is created for any risky actions based on the Virtue used (Bravery, Charm, Cleverness, or Helpfulness) and the relevant Badge. Players are encouraged to assist their troop-mates by lending them additional dice in situations where their character could lend a hand.
The campaign's making its way quickly to its goal with 21 days left to go.