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Scandinavia & The World Card Game Now Available

I read several webcomics. One of my favorite is Scandinavia & The World. The antics of the various countries and how they interact never ceases to delight me. Plus, I'll then rush off to be like, "Hey! Henrix! Are Swedes really like this?" or "Yo, Halfi! Would you say that Britain's really like that?" or "Skarburn! Look what Australia's doing!" and it's a good time had by all. What is also a good time had by all is playing games. Now the two can combine in the Scandinavia & The World: A Heap of trouble card game, available now.

From the website:

Scandinavia and the World: A Heap of Trouble

This is the first ever SatW game. Available now after our successful Kickstarter campaign. Play as all your favourite characters and relive all the best comics.

Includes all new art work, 200+ cards and game instructions packaged in a sturdy and portable hardback box so you can play wherever you are.

Join SatW fans around the world playing this fun, fast and clever game.