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Save 20% on Pre-Order of Fairies RPG, February 2019 Launch

The tabletop RPG scene has been shrunk down to the size of a thimble with this exciting new roleplaying game. Fairies RPG allows players to explore the world from a new view, battle treacherous house-cats and use magic to swiftly get out of sticky situations. Sit around the table with your Storyteller as Fairies RPG brings in 7 fairies to choose from, over 150+ unique spells, and tons of news items and environments to explore in this vast world.



The Fairies RPG book comes with 104 pages of packed content, story telling, character sheets, equipment, and creatures for you to fight. Pre-Orders for the game have been opened at, with our release date of February 14th, 2019. Pick up a copy now and save 20% on your order with coupon code FAIRIESRPG2019.