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Santa Vs Heximas Expansion for Heroes of the Grid Available to Pre-Order

I know. Some of you will be saying, "it's too early for Christmas stuff!" But really, if you want to get pre-orders in and add in shipping times, now's just about the right time to get things going. And that's what Renegade Game Studios is doing with their Santa Vs Heximas set for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid set. You can head over and get your name on the Nice list now.

From the announcement:

“Evil spells, Santa smells, cursing coal all day. Oh what fun it is to turn kids bad on Christmas Day, hey!” —Heximas

The holidays are a time of mirth and merriment — but this Christmas, it’s also morphin’ time. Heximas has arrived with a bag of cursed coal and a plot to take over the world by transforming people into his mind-controlled minions!

The Power Rangers must enlist the help of their longtime ally, Santa Claus. This time, jolly old Saint Nick is suiting up with a twinkle in his eye and his Reindeer Zord ready to take down anyone who dares to threaten these happy holidays!

Pre-orders are available in the US now, and we expect to open pre-orders to most international customers in the next two weeks!