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Sandy Petersen Running Cthulhu: The Harbinger Kickstarter

Sandy Petersen (and I triple-checked, it really is him this time) has only a half-day left on his Cthulhu: The Harbinger Kickstarter campaign. It's a huge Cthulhu mini that also has rules for many of Sandy's great games. Want a huge figure for Cthulhu Wars? It's got rules for that. Hyperspace? It works there, too. Eternal Adversary? You don't get much more eternal than a Great Old One.

From the campaign:

The Cthulhu: the Harbinger sculpt was a 3D sculpt we made for our Planet Apocalypse board game. We have made the molds and will be producing extra copies of the model for backers of this campaign.

We expect it will take about 3 months to make all the sculptures, and then we can ship them to you. We are putting October 2019 as the estimated arrival time just in case things take longer than expected.

If you are a backer of Planet Apocalypse you can get the art print and promo rules separately (since you may already be getting the statue as part of that project). Go to the pledge manager here and login to add the art print and promos as an add-on if you'd like. 

The campaign's well up and over its funding goal, but there's only today left to get in on it.