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Peter Sanderson Launches Mothership 2nd Edition Kickstarter

Well, all right, starchild
Citizens of the universe, recording angels
We have returned to claim the pyramids
Partying on the mothership.

Peter Sanderson is looking to be your Mothership connection, running a Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition of his game.

From the campaign:

Mothership combines miniatures, strategy and dice combat games into an easy to pick up experience that everyone can enjoy. Control a fleet of ships and charge through the galaxy, capturing planets, building defences and amassing powerful technologies. 

Play Deathmatch Mode in a gripping, last-man standing fight for power or play the fast and frantic Victory Point Mode. With game play that’s built from the ground up to eliminate end-game drag, you’ll find Mothership to be light-hearted, engaging and thrilling from start to finish.

Your fleet is composed of five unique ship types, including the versatile Mothership that can modify its weapons, shields and engines on the fly.

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with still 28 days to go.


Note: original version of the story had Sandy Petersen, not Peter Sanderson. That's what I get for making one post while looking at another I'm going to make.