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Sandwich Masters: Bread Roles Expansion Up On Kickstarter

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich." - James Beard. Well, if you're someone who does appreciate a really good sandwich, you'll want to check out the Bread Roles Kickstarter. It's the first expansion for Sandwich Masters and it brings lots more options with 10 new role cards as well as letting up to 6 players to work in the kitchen at once.

From the campaign:

Sandwich Masters is a fast-paced card game of strategy, sabotage and (you guessed it) sandwiches for the whole family. Players compete to build sandwiches, complete orders and earn the most noshdosh within the time limit - easier said than done when bad ingredients, Attack Condiments and the dreaded Health Inspectors lurk behind every corner!


Bready to take your sandwich skills to the next level? Achieve true sandwich mastery with Bread Roles, our first official Sandwich Masters expansion!

Bread Roles brings an added layer of chaos to the classic Sandwich Masters experience by introducing 10 new role cards, each of which boasts unique game-bending powers. What's more, Bread Roles allows six people to play together for the first time by adding extra cards to the core game.

Assume the identity of the Undercover Health Inspector, Flavatron 5000 or Colin the Bear (among others) and let battle commence. Your name may have changed but the challenge remains the same: defeat your rivals and become the one true Sandwich Master!

The campaign is about halfway to its funding goals with 22 days left to go.