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Salt & Sail Board Game Back Up On Kickstarter

Not every Kickstarter is successful the first time it's up on Kickstarter. That's just a fact of life. But, if the producers feel they have a good product, they'll take things back and look them over, retool, reconfigure, and relaunch again. And that's just what's happening with Salt & Sail, a new board game that's back up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Capital is abuzz with strange tales and exotic rumors of ancient cities and remarkable wonders to behold. As the captain of your small ship, you have one goal: to follow the rumors, make the discoveries, and bathe in the fortune and glory that come with it! Will you have what it takes to become the world's most famous explorer?

Salt & Sail is a game of adventure and discovery, set during the great Age of Sail. 2 to 4 players take on the roles of intrepid captains in search of fame and fortune. Along the way, you will hire Officers, purchase new ships and unique tools, and sell goods and treasure to fund your expeditions. But, be vigilant--encounters with pirates and storms aren't your only concerns: the other player captains are trying to make those rare discoveries first and steal the glory for themselves!

The campaign's around halfway to its goal with 29 days left to go.