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Sabre Strike Tank Available to Order From Forge World

There's a new tank about to hit tabletops for the Space Marines. It's the Sabre Strike Tank, and it takes the chassis of the venerable Land Raider and pumps it full of weapons, some of them rather heavy in nature. Forge World has started taking orders for this new vehicle and bits over in their webshop.

From the website:

Fast, rugged and heavily armed, the Sabre serves the Space Marines as a strike tank, attacking key enemy targets and destroying them long before they can pose a threat. The speed of these vehicles allows them to evade any counter-attack and reform to strike at the vulnerable flanks of the enemy army, keeping the heavy armour suppressed.

Fitted with a number of advanced weapons systems, from rapid fire autocannons to exotic beam weapons, there were few foes that could resist the firepower of a full squadron of these swift hunters. The kit comes with a choice of top-mounted weapons – heavy bolter, multi-melta, volkite culverin or heavy flamer along with four optional sabre missiles.