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S3RPG Up On Kickstarter

Who wants to get bogged down in a mountain of rules and fine minutia of things when they want to just be adventuring around and doing awesome things? Well... I'm sure some people do, but probably not most of you. That's where the S3RPG comes in. It's the Super, Super, Simple RPG system and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

We have always wanted to design a fun and unique game that most everyone could enjoy, be they new to table top gaming or have been playing games like Dungeon and Dragons for years. We decided the best way to this was to start from scratch.

As we worked on S3RPG, we focused on what we thought would be interesting features. This did, on occasion, lead to us wanting to include features that were too complicated, driving the game into a direction we did not want to go.

It took many (and we can't emphasize that word enough) hours of brainstorming, play testing, breaking rules, creating new rules, and a plethora of tweaks to ensure there's enough complexity to the game to keep it exciting but simple enough that we stayed true to the heart of what S3RPG is supposed to be...a super, super, simple role-playing game.

S3RPG (Pronounced Ess-Cubed-Ar-Pee-Gee) is a super, super, simple role-playing game system built from the ground up. Using a simplified character creation system and simplified rules, players can begin playing S3RPG within minutes, and because of the streamlined scenario and combat systems, and subtle video game style elements, players will be enjoying their latest adventure right away. Keep in mind, S3RPG isn't your typical RPG, it is a silly place, filled with quirky humor, bizarre monsters, and a fantastically absurd little feature called 'Foodality!'

The campaign's around 4x its funding goal with 28 days left to go.