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Ruin & Conquest: Adventures on the Isle of Ealand RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

It's great to have pre-made adventures out there. It makes the job of the GM for your game so much easier. They can just grab it and toss the players in. But what if the adventure isn't for your game system you like to play? Well, that's not an issue with Ruin & Conquest: Adventures on the Isle of Ealand because it's system agnostic. The adventure is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Ruin & Conquest is a unique and evocative campaign setting that can be played with any fantasy role-playing game   

This book aims first and foremost to be a toolbox for players and game masters (by whatever name they call themselves) to expand and enrich their tabletop role-playing. It introduces you to the world of Ealand, an island ablaze with conflict, tearing itself apart in the decaying shadow of its once great cultures. Foes set foot upon its shores almost daily, while the land, its people and its gods lash out with the fury of a cornered animal. Within this cauldron of strife, Ealand is a fertile soil for adventure. Where there is death, there is opportunity. Where there is pain, there is profit. Where the fathers cower and the mothers wail, there is room for legends to be born.  

What it contains 

  • All you need to set adventures, campaigns and encounters on the war torn isle of Ealand 
  • History, customs and cultures for 6 distinct humanoid races living on the isle
  • 5 unique ‘Other Folk’ races including the beautiful shapeshifting Vugael and the trickster Dwellers
  • A thorough guide to the major peoples and places of Ealand, leaving just enough room for creativity and exploration
  • Maps showing the islands varied landscapes and main conflicts
  • 15+ tables to randomly generate everything from petty tyrants to grave curses
  • 20+ original creatures for adventurers to encounter,  
  • Detailed story seeds and plot points to inspire great and harrowing adventures
  • A comprehensive primer on warfare of all types in this dark and terrible age allowing intricate and nuanced adventures in the thick of armed conflict
  • Sample encounter locations
  • Information on the technology, weapons, architecture and even the burial rights of the people of Ealand 
  • 35+ Original drawings immersing readers in this isle of strife

The campaign's about 3/5 of the way to its goal with still 13 days left to go.