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Romans Added to Warlords of Erehwon

Ok, so the Romans actually existed (and, I mean, they still exist). And Warlords of Erehwon is a fantasy game. However, there are many mythical and legendary things about the Roman Legions of ancient times and so the folks over at Warlord Games have decided that, sure, you can use your Roman Legions in games of Warlords. Why not? Head on over and check out this new army list.

From the post:

Yes I know… Romans are not what you’d call a figment of the imagination. So, what are they doing here you might well ask? Well, Warlords of Erehwon aims to encompass the whole realm of myth and folklore as well as pure fantasy, which naturally leads us to classical subjects and historical mythology. This list is based on the age of the Roman legions, which we’ll acknowledge as lasting from the time of Augustus to the mid-third century. In other words, we are talking about Romans as they are commonly portrayed and understood in film, TV, etc.

This list is not strictly ‘historical’ in so far as I’ve constructed it to represent a warband as defined in the game. However, it uses historical troop types wielding historical weapons, and we will have to simply imagine how such a body of men has come about. Perhaps they are refugees from some disaster: the remnants of the 9th Legion fleeing the wrath of the Iceni Queen, or a band of survivors from the sorry defeat of Crassus at the hands of the Parthians. Maybe they are a small force dispatched to raid beyond the frontier, rescue Roman captives, or detail some trouble-making tribal chief.

Either way, I have taken the liberty of adding a Haruspex to turn the ‘historical’ warband into a fantasy one, should players wish to do so. I’ve also added gladiators and a few other romantic elements. Gladiators did actually take to the field on at least one occasion, but that was rather the exception. Anyone wishing to play a more accurately historical game can ignore such things. I’m sure that anyone who has a yen to field Romans will be familiar enough with the subject to dispense with the usual Erehwonian summary of their place in literature, popular culture and history.

If we choose to take our examples from history, then we already know what we are about and I shall spare you a potted history of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and its successors. If, on the other hand, our motivation comes from such sources as The Life of Bryan, Carry On Cleo, and Gladiator, then we are already primed with all we need to know. So, step forward Biggus Dickus… the mighty Hengist Pod by your side … and titter ye not Lurkio… the Romans are here.