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Roll20 Adds Xanthar's Guide to Everything

Everything has been added to Roll20. Xanthar's Guide to Everything, that is. Full of new options for players and GMs alike, it's got a whole wealth of information to expand heroes and adventures. Go and add your copy to your collection now.

From the announcement:

Behold the newest enhancement to D&D: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything has now been converted to Roll20’s virtual tabletop! Full Charactermancer integration means you can build and level up characters easily as you play, while drag and drop functionality for creatures, items, and spells makes Roll20 the best way to incorporate Xanathar’s Guide to Everything into your campaign.

This new release marks yet another step in an ongoing Roll20 Resolutions campaign to ring in the new year by launching support for popular requested features, such as animated images and user-uploaded music. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is another popular request that adds over 25 new D&D subclasses along with dozens of spells, feats, and other options fully integrated into the Roll20 Charactermancer so that players can easily build and level up their characters.