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Roll & Play GM Toolkit Up On Kickstarter

Do you enjoy running RPGs? Do you wish you had a bit more varied repertoire, however? Would you like to know more about GMing and what you can do to improve your skills? Then Roll & Play is the book for you. This GM toolkit offers all sorts of help with making your games better. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

We have all been there. You have introduced a background character, tavern interior, or maybe you briefly mentioned a chair in the corner… then your players ask you every conceivable detail about it. Even the most experienced game masters need a helping hand sometimes, and that is where Roll & Play comes in. This 84-PAGE* book is packed with generators, loot producers and setting inspiration which will help you master your game on the fly, and help to add richer detail to the world you create.  

 *94-PAGE after the More, More! stretch goal was unlocked

The campaign's by far and away above its funding goal (like 40x) with 13 days left to go.