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Roll & Play: The Game Master's Christmas Essentials Up On Kickstarter

With the holiday season upon us, many gaming groups are planning specially-themed sessions. If you're wanting to add some holiday elements to your games, check out Roll & Play: The Game Master's Christmas Essentials Kickstarter campaign going on now (but not for much longer).

From the campaign:

Run the ultimate seasonal session for your 5E campaigns with Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Christmas Essentials! This 24-page PDF eBook is stuffed full of festive random tables and content generators, and is compatible with all fantasy RPG systems. 

The perfect gift for your GM, tabletop RPG-loving friend or family member, or simply to treat yourself this holiday season! 

We also have a whole host of other digital rewards and add-ons that would be at home on any GM's gift wish list. With custom monsters, new playable races, battle maps, wintery audio tracks, magical items and quick character profiles, you'll have everything you need to conjure up a magical winter adventure for your party.

This Kickstarter campaign is only running for 12 DAYS, so don't miss out! The project will be fulfilled digitally in December, in time for all your Christmas games!

The campaign's more than 10x funded, but you've only got about a day and a half to get in on it.