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Role Online RPG Platform Up On Kickstarter

These days, many players are taking their games online. Heck, I've got two D&D games that run online. One was started specifically because being online would let the DM game with people that live too far away to make it in for a regular game. Role, a new online RPG platform, looking to give players and creators a new space to game, create, and meet. The project is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Role playing games are powerful empathy generators – creating spaces for genuine intimate friendship, adventure, inspiration, and collaboration. Whether you’re an avid tabletop RPG player, creator, streamer, or curious newcomer – we want to share in your passion and help it grow.

We believe in the power of authentic narrative play. With Role, we're bringing that power to a new generation of online creators & communities. With all the world’s advances in technology & entertainment, there is still nothing quite like a great RPG. So we set out to build the ultimate collection of high-quality social, marketplace, and online play tools for veteran players and newcomers alike.

Today’s role playing community is larger and more vibrant than ever. Diverse voices from around the globe are creating new games every day. We want to be the place where everyone can play, meet new people, and get their games into more players’ hands. In simplest terms, we really just want to answer one question for every person in our community: What’s missing from your table today?

We try to answer that question in 3 major ways: intuitive & seamless online video play, a creator-driven marketplace, and robust player matching services.

The campaign's making its way to 1/2 funded with 14 days left to go.