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Rock Manor Games Running Set A Watch Board Game Kickstarter

Rock Manor Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their cooperative puzzle game, Set a Watch. Players must go from location to location, solving puzzles and trying to keep sets of monsters from invading their camps.

From the campaign:

Set a Watch is a 60 minute, cooperative adventure puzzle game for 1-4 players.

In Set a Watch, you must secure nine locations to prevent the acolytes from breaking the seals holding back the evil Unhallowed. Each round your party will visit a new location and choose an adventurer to rest and take strategic camp actions. The rest of the party will assume watch and confront a line of creatures attempting to breach your camp. Using your dice to do battle and activate unique class abilities, your team will need to approach each round’s combat puzzle with both cunning and resolve. In an epic campaign to stay alive, defeat the arisen Unhallowed, and keep the campfire burning, you must use your wits and skill to fight for the light… or all will perish to darkness.

The game's around 2x funded with still 22 days left to go.