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Robotech Macross: Dog Fight Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Robot Alert! We have Giant Robot Alert! And we're going ooooooooold school for this one. It's Robotech Macross. Minitech Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dog Fight, an updated version of the miniatures game set in the Robotech Macross universe.

From the campaign:

In 2019, MiniTech released a series of Robotech miniatures—offering more than thirty models in 1/285 scale within the Macross setting for collectors and hobbyists.

In early 2021, we published our first miniatures game, Robotech: Macross Dog Fight. The starter kit included four miniatures, a complete set of plastic elevation stands and flight paths, aiming panels, and dozens of weapon and damage cards.

Experience the Robotech universe like never before. In this revised version of our classic game, players assume the roles of mecha pilots in control of Veritechs, Battlepods, or Destroids entrenched in a fast-paced, high-speed combat encounter.

Players recreate the intense, acrobatic fight scenes found in the original Robotech animated show by employing programmed movement, secret actions, and various weapon cards.

The updated edition of Robotech: Macross Dog Fight increases the number of available units from two to more than fifty, expanding simple one-on-one skirmishes into massive, large-scale engagements. MiniTech prides itself on the detailed quality of its miniatures, often sought after by both collectors and gamers.

The campaign's up and over their funding goal with 19 days to go.