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River Horse Taking Pre-orders for NOLI Board Game

The fishing town of NOLI is lively and prosperous. The various families in the city each look to prove their wealth and power via several forms. First is winning the annual regatta for fishing right. Another is building red-brick towers higher than others. It's into this festive city that you find yourself in NOLI, a new board game coming from River Horse. Pre-orders are being taken now.

From the website:

Outwit your friends to secure the services of local craftsmen, frantically roll dice to win the Regata dei Rioni, catch fish while avoiding pirate raids,and build the tallest tower in Noli!

In the Middle Ages, Noli was a flourishing maritime town under the benevolent ‘patronage’ of the powerful republic of Genoa. This sun-baked fishing community has a rich history of independence, commerce, and competition. Every September, in order to determine the fishing rights for the following fishing season, the gozzi (typical Ligurian fishing boats) of the four districts of Burgu, Ciassa, Màina and Portellu run a regatta along a path of 1,600 meters, on fractions of 400 meters between the bouys. Not satisfied with this single form of competition, the merchant families of each district compete with each other to build tall red-brick towers as a display of their wealth. Their edifices to success give the town of Noli its distinctive look, though no merchant tower can hope to match the proud castle atop Monte Ursino, whose constant vigilance and defensive walls protect Noli from the raids of the Saracens and the assaults of envious neighbouring towns!