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River Horse Taking Pre-Orders For Terminator: Dark Fate Card Game

Humanity is in danger. Robot soldiers stand ready to take us down. But there's still some hope left. Will you be able to defeat the merciless Rev-9? That's up to you to find out in Terminator: Dark Fate, a new cooperative deckbuilding game that's coming soon from River Horse. You can pre-order your copies now.

No fate...

From the website:

Terminator Dark Fate is a co-operative deck building card game in which players work together to try and defeat the unfeeling Rev-9. Players will scramble for resources and weapons so they can fend off the Terminator long enough to find some way to destroy it. Each time the Rev-9 finds you marks an important decision: you must choose whether you will flee or whether you will fight. Fighting is dangerous, as it allows the Rev-9 to inflict crippling wounds on your deck, but if you flee without doing enough damage, you know that the Rev-9 is waiting just around the corner.

• 182 Fate Cards
• 30 Wound Cards
• 4 Rev-9 Cards
• 4 Character Cards
• 20 Damage Tokens
• Rulebook