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River Horse Pausing Production

Another announcement of a temporary closing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This time around, it's River Horse. They've been forced to shut down customer service for the time being. Their webshop is still running, since it's run by another company, but if more restrictions come down, those may close up, too.

From the announcement:

Hello everyone, we just wanted to let you know that, like many other companies in these tragic times we're living in, River Horse is also temporarily closing the office. This means that our customer services (both email and on social media) will not be working until further notice.

Our webstore will remain open for the moment, as it is operated by a different company, which stocks our products and automatically ships webstore orders directly to you. If they also stop operating, the webstore will then be temporarily closed.

Thanks for your understanding. Stay safe, and see you all on the other side.