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River Horse Having a Sale on Versus Series: Fortresses & Clans

We're still stuck inside, unable to really go out and see friends. If you've burned through your store of games and are looking for something new, but don't want to spend a packet on it, you should head over to the River Horse webshop. They're running a big sale on their Versus Series: Fortresses and Clans. You can pick up the game for only 5 pounds.

From the article:

Another great offer to help kick-out the lockdown blues – We are offering the Versus Series: Fortresses and Clans Card Game at just £5 (RRP £24.99) until the 8th March 2021!

Fortresses & Clans is a two-player card game in which each player is a clan leader who oversees their troops and warmachines with the help of their clan members in order to destroy the opponent's fortress.

You'll have to draft your army cards with your opponent, place them on the good spots on your own fortress, and then activate them by using your clan cards wisely.

 A two-player game with an age rating of 14+, each game lasts roughly 45 to 90 minutes.

To take advantage of this mega lockdown deal please visit our webstore.