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River Horse Announces Ready, Steady, Worm! Board Game

The worms in the Labyrinth don't just sit around, waiting for teenage girls to stop by, looking for their baby brother. They get their race on. At least, that's what they do in Ready, Steady, Worm!, a new board game coming next year from River Horse.

From the announcement:

Ever wondered what the worms get up to in the Labyrinth? Well, wonder no more! Join us in 2021 for a very serious game of Ready, Steady, Worm! – the best new worm-based board game! Four worms enter, four worms leave, but only one worm can be the winner of this exciting race to the edge!

Get ready to collect gems and use Goblin tricks to tip the odds in your favor, and remember, the Goblin King can twist everything in an instant by spinning the walls and changing the entire board!

Worm racing is one of the grand past-times of the Labyrinth, enjoyed by goblins of all ages. It is mostly used to settle debates such as: “Who gets the last Snæfbutle?” “Which one of us gets to be called Smügle?” and “Did Pilch cheat last time we played Ready, Steady, Worm!?”