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Rising Tides, An RPG Based on Rex Draconis Up On Kickstarter

The world of Tiberos is one of amazing wonder, excitement, danger, and adventure. And it's into this world, created by Richard A. Knaak, that you can dive into with the Rex Draconis RPG. The first book, Rising Tides, is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Set in the world of Tiberos, the Rex Draconis RPG setting allows you to experience the epic fantasy of Richard A Knaak’s new world, dubbed by many as ‘the spiritual successor to Dragonlance’.

Against the backdrop of war, play as honourable Minotaur, chivalrous knights, mischievous Kwillum or powerful wizards, as you thwart the warmongering of the savage Wheyr and the machinations of the mysterious draconic Fafni and Afafni.

The Rex Draconis RPG is written for the D&D 5th edition and Pathfinder rules sets, and feature setting material that can be easily imported to any RPG system of your choice.

The Rex Draconis RPG is unique in that it is being produced in conjunction with an active novel line. While the novels are not required to use and enjoy the RPG, this structure allows you to interact with and fight alongside your favourite characters in a living, growing setting that evolves as Richard envisions. It is also important to note that the RPG storyline is a separate and unique story, that interestingly crosses paths with the novel line.

The campaign is quickly closing in on its goal with still 25 days left to go.