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Rise of the Pyschoranger and Villain Pack #2 Available for Heroes of the Grid

A really shredding guitar riff always starts playing when I begin typing up these posts. Anyway, two new expansion packs for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid have been released by Renegade Game Studios. They're Rise of the Psychorangers and Villain Pack #2: Machine Empire. You don't need to fly off into deep space and defeat a huge monster to get them. You can just head to your LGS.

From the website:

The Psycho Rangers have risen! This team of evil was created from the power of Dark Specter. In one-on-one combat, the Psycho Rangers are almost unbeatable by their Space Ranger counterparts, thanks to their special fighting styles.

With the Astro Megaship as their new command center and a whole new set of Zords they can summon, will veterans Andros, Carlos, T.J., Ashley, and Cassie band together to overcome the assault of the terrifying Psycho Rangers?

This expansion also introduces Mastermind Mode, which allows one player to take control of the forces of evil, pitting player against player in a battle of wits!