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Riot Quest Wiki is Now Live

Want to know what a card in Riot Quest does? Need to remember what options are available? Want a look at some stuff coming out soon? Privateer Press has a new one-stop shop for all that with the launch of their Riot Quest Wiki.

From the announcement:

Today, I’d like to announce a labor of love for you all: we’re launching a wiki! You may have heard staffers mention it in various conversations for the last couple months (heck, it has been going for nearly a year now…), but it is finally out of its infancy and is quite ready for prime-time. You can head to to see the current Official Riot Quest wiki.

This is your one-stop shop for all things Riot Quest. We’ve got all the models currently released through the Chilly Con Carnage Kickstarter and have plans to add each new card as they come out. At the moment, we don’t have images of each card, but that’s in progress, and as we get them all, we’ll be adding them to the wiki. Currently, all of the text for each card is in the pages, including cards for the Bounty, Treasure, and Boss decks! We’ll be adding Karchev & Deathjack, Malignant Fusion’s Boss deck, and Heist Mode’s cards as soon as they are available.