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Revised Edition of King for a Day Up On Kickstarter

Even games that continually get 5 stars and are best-sellers can occasionally use an update. And that's what you get with King for a Day: Revised. It's the game you've loved, but just some tweaks here and there that make it even better. How much better? That's a secret, because who wants to have things spoiled for them, anyway (Ok, generally I do, but I'm weird like that). Anyway, the new book's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

King for a Day is among the best-selling books on Drive Thru RPG. It is generally ranked as a 5-out-of-5 stars book and is certainly one of the most complete, intensive, and best works I've ever produced. I've always wanted to improve the art inside and clean up some of the editing problems. And this is my chance.

King for a Day is an extensive campaign-adventure-sandbox set in a semi-historic valley called Brycshire, which is roughly the equivalent of circa 800 A.D. Anglo-Saxony. The book is systemless and works best with low-tech, quick and dirty rules systems like Harn, Black Hack, or DCC.

General themes include disorientation, fear, malaise, and psychological horror.

No attempt has been made in the six years since it's release to give away too much about the adventure. The secrets inside are unlike what you are used to in traditional roleplaying game books. Any hint to these secrets will ruin the adventure. For those looking for more information, there are reviews online, though most are smart enough not to reveal anything.

It is not my aim to be purposely cryptic for the sake of faking the drama. The adventure really is that different. I promise.

The book is system neutral and can be played with any modern or old school fantasy systems.

The printed book includes a new cover (similar design as before, but with a new symbol).

The campaign's more than 12x funded with 7 days left to go.